Special Tools
06-16 R6-R Rear Wheel Installation Kit
Although we do not recommend using threadlocker
compound on every point on the motorcycle, we do
recommend using this handy fluid on some critical
points. We use Vibra-Tite brand on our mounting
hardware for all these items: Swingarm spools, exhaust,
fairings, brakes and especially shifter/footpeg mounting
screws since they seem to be common problems we've
noticed on the street and the track. Seasoned riders
know that threadlocker compound is a vital item to keep
in the toolbox.

We offer Vibra-Tite brand threadlocker in medium
strength and permanent strength (2 ml tubes)
This axle tool will fit Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki and incorporates all four
popular sizes into one handy tool. Tool sizes include 17,19,22, and 24mm.

We do not machine 3/8 drive connections into our axle tools, since this weakens the
tool and can cause breakage, as seen in the picture of another brand of multi-tool. We
have found that it's simple enough just to use a socket with your ratchet or torque
wrench on the opposite end of the tool, this way the tool remains strong.

OES axle tools have the metric size clearly marked on each end of the tool.

Other brands of this style tool retail for nearly $30.00! Take advantage of our low price!
This axle tool will fit Suzuki, Honda,
Yamaha, and Kawasaki, and BMW
GS models and is very handy to have
around. This is a double sided tool-
choose from 17 and 19mm, or 22 and
24mm (shown). Please verify the axle
size of your bike before making a size
selection below.
These items are worth their weight in gold! If it
takes you several minutes of fumbling around
before the rear wheel is installed on your 06-16
R6-R, these tools will put an end to all of your

The smaller part in the left side of the picture
inserts into the hollow, threaded end of the rear
axle to act as a guide for the axle as it is being
inserted through the swingarm and wheel. Simply
tap it in with a hammer and leave it. We've been
using this item for years on our own bikes to make
wheel installation a snap.

The larger part on the right holds the rear brake
caliper in place while the wheel and axle are being
installed. Simply install the rear brake caliper,
insert the installation tool into the swingarm and
through  the caliper, install the wheel and chain,
then insert the axle. The pointed end of the axle will
easily find its mark and push the installation tool
out of place. Put the axle washer and nut on and
you've just completed a wheel installation easier
than ever before!

We use this exact style chain tool on our own bikes and it
really works great! It's so easy to use, so durable, and we
have it priced well below full retail! No more grinding,
hammering, sawing, or any other crazy methods (like we used
to use) to replace a chain- use that time to ride!

We use ours with the handle (pictured) attached to the main
part of the tool, holding the handle while turning the pin
extractor or using the piece shown to secure a rivet link.

-  Designed to break and/or rivet roller chain

-  Master link side plate press kit included

-  Fits all 520, 525, 530, 630 standard or "O"-Ring type       

-  Will also service industrial chain from #50 through #80

-  Screws and attachments are made from 86L20 steel and   
then heat-treated for strength and and durability

-  The extractor pin is firmly guided by a removable guide,   
ensuring long pin life

-  May be bolted to a workbench, supported in a vise or held   
by the handle

-  When bolted to a solid surface, air or electric wrenches      
may be used to break chain

-  Recommended for heavy duty use
2 ml Red or
Blue Vibra-Tite