High Quality Frame Sliders- The OES Difference
All OES frame sliders are machined from high-quality plastic
All OES frame sliders use 6061 aluminum spacers which are pressed into the
slider. The spacer is a very critical part of any frame slider. Without the
spacer, the screw or bolt that holds the frame slider on, which is an engine
mount screw/ bolt, will never remain torqued. This inability to remain torqued
is due to the slider base deforming under the pressure of the screw or bolt.
We know of some frame slider manufacturers who recommend light torque in
combination with thread locker for their frame slider mounting screws/bolts.
Why do they do this? Because they don't use spacers. The slider base will
deform easier with the actual recommended torque specifications, so they will
recommend much lower torque, hence the need for thread locker, so the
frame slider doesn't fall off while you're riding the bike. This may seem like an
easy enough remedy, but it is not. Even if the torque applied is only 20 lb/ft,
the slider base will still deform and the frame slider will become loose. Once
this happens, vibrations due to the engine mounts being loose will lead to
failure of the screw or bolt, and the frame slider will still fall off while you're
riding the bike. So, the bottom line is, without a spacer pressed into the frame
slider, the frame slider cannot be properly mounted to the bike, and the bike
will have two less motor mounts than it had from the factory.

Then why would any manufacturer leave the spacer out? The answer is
lower production costs and manufacturing time.
Below is a picture of the base of an OES frame slider, which shows the
pressed-in 6061 spacer.  At OES, we like to apply a high level of
craftsmanship, such as this, to all our products.
Below is a picture of two frame sliders. Notice the ends of each slider.
Most OES frame sliders are offered in two styles: angle cut ends (left
slider) and radius cut ends (right slider). Both slider styles will function the
same, but some customers prefer one style over the other. Although this
feature is exclusive to our website customers only, OES is the only frame
slider company that offers both styles of frame sliders.

Also, notice the finish of the frame sliders. We use specific tooling to
achieve the clean finish cuts that make OES stand out as a quality leader
in the frame slider market.
Perfect Fit

Each OES frame slider set is made specifically for one bike model. So
frame sliders designed to fit a 05-06 ZX6RR/636 will not fit the 07 ZX6R
any better than they would fit a GSXR 600. Each time the manufacturer
changes the bike design, we also design a new frame slider set to fit their
design changes. Some companies offer "universal" frame slider sets, but a
universal frame slider set is impossible.

Yeah, But Do They Work?

We've had hundreds of crashing customers over the years who have
proven the fact that our frame sliders work; we've even crashed our own
bikes (several times, I'm afraid to say!) with our sliders on them. We've
come to realize that if the bike is lowsided and slides to the edge of the
road, the slider will work quite well, and if the bike goes flipping through a
ditch or a gravel trap, the sliders can't do much for that kind of crash.

"I laid my bike down for the first time. Your frame
sliders saved my fairings. Seriously thank you!"

"Thanks to these sliders, my bike needs less than $100
in repairs after a nasty crash. Very happy to buy a replacement [slider] from you
guys, thank you."     
(From one of our Yamaha FZ07 customers)

"First off, Thank you! I have used your sliders and spools on all of my bikes and
(unfortunately) have used them for their intended purpose,and on every occasion they have
SAVED MY BIKE! Most recently I high-sided at the track on my Honda 954RR and shattered
my collar bone. The good news is that my bike came out in far better shape than I did and is
still completely ride-able because my OES sliders and spools did their job perfectly. I've had
other sliders (already installed on bikes I've purchased) and not only have they not performed
as well as my OES sliders, but some have even caused damage (hanging up during a slide
and jacking up the frame and or mount). My OES sliders have performed flawlessly every time."

"Hey recently someone decide to be a dumbass and push my bike over or hit it and run
leaving me with the cost of the repair but thanks to you're quality frame sliders it is not as bad
as it could have been had I not had them installed."      

"Hey guys,
I emailed you in August regarding how well your frame sliders held up in a motorcycle crash.
Unfortunately, I had another opportunity to test out your sliders about a month ago. My rear
tire slid out from underneath while I was turning. After I got up I realized there was gravel all
over the ground. Other than a few minimal scratches, my bike was completely fine. However, I
did end up breaking my leg after my bike fell on and dragged my leg along with it. The
replacement frame slider I bought after my first crash worked perfectly. It easily saved me over
$1,000 in damages again. The frame slider is shredded and bent but it did its job and
protected my bike (
picture is attached). I'll definitely end up ordering a replacement slider
when I am able to ride again. Thank you again for your great product."

"Good morning, everyone at OESaccessories. I am simply emailing you to give you some
feedback on my recent crash test of your 2006-2007 Yamaha R6 frame sliders. This past
Saturday, I had a car stop in front of me abruptly. I tried my best to stay in control while panic
braking, but unfortunately I high-sided my bike and had it slam on the right side. As for me, I
actually ended up flying over the bike and managed to shoulder tackle the bumper of the car
in front of me that was about 15 feet or so away. After I got up from lying on the pavement for
awhile, the first thing I did was pick up my bike. To my surprise, the only damage was to the
upper cowling. There was not a scratch anywhere else on the bike. I was so surprised
because after a 30mph high-side, I expected the whole side of my bike to be scraped up. So I
guess I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing product you sell."

"Celebration, you bet I celebrated my first low-side on my sexy 9er. Beer - confetti and a good
scrub down made for an excellent end of the track day lol.
The OES sliders and spool set saved the entire right side,(
PIC) after washing out at DCTC on
corner #6. I love the double left corners and a quick right (#6), but after 5 hours of heavy track
time… I simply blinked and washed out to the left –awesome slide!!"

"These sliders saved my fairings when the S1000RR fell off its side stand. The factory side
stand is too upright.Thanks for a great product."

"Dropped my 2012 FJR1300 today :-( after not making sure the kickstand was all the way
down.  Thank God for the extended frame slider. It broke my left mirror and cracked the upper
fairing, but the engine and the lower fairing survived! Frame slider compacted as it was
designed to do. I'm very pleased! Thanks for such a good product."

"I heard great things about your sliders on the messaging boards I'm on. Although I prayed I
would never be testing them, I unfortunately got that chance. On Friday the 13th (damn!) I
lowsided at about 25mph, I tumbled about 15 times, and the bike slid roughly 75ft. All that
happened was the bars bent, which unfortunately dented the tank, little to no plastic damage
and some minor rash on the crank case…. What could have been a horrible claim to the
insurance company, is only going to be a bruised ego and some slight banter from the fella's
when we ride! Thanks OES, I'll be ordering my replacement slider soon!"

"This slider and your rear spool saved my frame/case/swing arm in a 20mph high side.  I can
send you the slider if you want to have it...bolt bent, but didn't break."

"I simply dont know how to put this besides "Thank you!" I high sided my 2007 Triumph Speed
Triple, which I have invested a ridiculous amount of money into, and your sliders (engine)
completely protected the heart of my bike. Granted my rearsets, clutch lever, stator cover, and
bar was broken/bent, but what could have been a claim to my insurance carrier and a b-line to
a higher premium, ended up costing me only a few hundred in repairs. My bike will heal up
quicker than I, but when I heal up, I cant wait to take it out again. If you want pictures, I will
have to wait until i go back to the shop and take them, but I felt like a sincere thanks was due."

"I have bought two pairs of your sliders for my '07 FJR. The right side of the first pair totally
protected my bike when it went over in a zero speed fall. I then purchased another pair right
away knowing the protection they provide. Prior to my first purchase with you, I did buy a less
expensive pair on ebay. What a difference!!! As you mention in your post, they were light
weight and cheaply designed. When I did order yours I wondered why they were so much
more in cost and now I know why. Because they work!!! I love my bike and could never see
myself putting the inferior sliders on, hoping they work, just to save a few bucks. I just wanted
to say what I think about your product and how secure I feel seeing them on the side of my
ride. Thanks again for doing it right..."

"Dumped my Speed Triple on Thursday night,  just wanted to say thanks a lot.  Of course
there was damage but nothing compared to what there would have been if I didn't have your
sliders on."  

"I've been using your sliders on every bike I've owned since I started riding in 2003, I just
bought a brand-spanking-new ZX6 and was really glad to see that OES had full coverage for
my bike, I bought every slider that you had.  I'm very glad I did.  I'm writing because I just
wanted to let you know about how well your sliders performed on a pretty hairy crash at
Summit Point.  I was rounding turn 7, an off-camber right-hander and lowsided at about 50.
Your sliders were long enough, which allowed me to get my right leg out from under the bike
before I hit the gravel.  They were also long enough to protect all (!) of my fairings from
damage, I had the slightest scratching on one upper fairing from grass and gravel, no contact
with the track at all.  The slider gave it up like it was supposed to, but didn't get torn off or
rotate under the load, she held strong and saved my bike. This was the type of crash that
ruins your frame.
Your swingarm sliders saved my exhaust, allowing the exhaust cover and the slider to take
most of the hit. Needless to say, I'm really happy about you saving me $10K.
Thank you for manufacturing a quality product, as well as offering reasonably priced
replacement parts. I will continue to use OES products and recommend them to my customers
as well as my friends. As a mechanic and wanna-be racer I appreciate the design, fit and finish
of all your products, keep up the good work."  

"Just wanted to send this
pic so you guys can use it if you want. Your product saved me
thousands of dollars to my beloved 2009 ZX6R- not a scratch on the plastics, frame, or rims.
Just a new slider and a new foot brake pedal under $120.00 total repair. Thanks."

"I crashed my 2007 CBR600RR while going 60 mph at Calabogie Motorsports Park.  When my
bike hit the grass, the tires caught and the bike flipped over pretty hard. My OES Accessories
Slider kit prevented my bike from receiving a lot of damage. My swingarm, engine cases, forks,
rotors, and rims are untouched and look like new. My OEM rearsets are not at all bent. The
only damage to my bike was a rashed bar end, a ground down frame slider, and some rash on
my track plastics. When I put my street plastics back on and cleaned the bike up, no one
could tell that it had been in a 60 mph crash. I am now placing my order for another set of OES
Accessories frame sliders (my swingarm spools and fork sliders are still in good shape). The
best part about this is the great customer service I receive through OES Accessories. They are
on top of their emails and they ship out orders really quickly. I have bought from them twice in
the past, once for the whole slider kit and once to replace a swing arm spool that fell off
because I forgot to loctite the bolt".

"I received my replacement slider for my '08 B King today. You and your product are second to
none! My bike survived a 35 mph low side crash with no significant damage other than the
ground  down slider. Witnesses said the lack of damage was miraculous. I did not fare as well
but am mending rapidly. Your support service has also been exemplary."

"I purchased your sliders and recently lowsided. To my amazement, there was very little
damage done to my fairings. So little in fact, they don't HAVE to be replaced. I may just hit
them with some touch up paint and they should be good to go. Great products, thanks!"

"Just wanted to thank you for designing a good product that holds up. I am reordering these
sliders from you to replace my last set that I purchased from you last July. A couple of days
ago I dropped my R6 when I hit some black ice when turning a corner at moderate speed and
thought for sure my frame was trashed.  It must have skid 20 ft or more on its side.  When I
picked it up there was no damage to my frame minus some scratches on my turn signal and
bar end, but the slider was skinned half way down. The spool I had on the rear of the bike
from another vendor was completely broke off."

"Thought you'd like to know, I fitted a set of these to my FZ1 last week and crashed 3 hours
later. The sliders saved me a fortune in crash damage to my bike. Thanks for a great product."

"Thanks a lot! Your sliders saved me from a TON of repairs.. My cowlings took some scraping
but that was from a curb.  Without the sliders it would have cost me around $1400 in repairs!"

"Just wanted to thank you again for the great frame sliders I bought a year or so ago. They
came in handy last night when I was on the R6 and was hit by a ford explorer. I contacted the
truck with the nose and fell on the left side. The sliders did a great job. Landing on the engine
and swingarm sliders w/o a mark that I can find on my plastics. Looks like some minor plastic
work to the nose a check of my forks and she will be on the road. I've told them to order my
replacement sliders from you when they get the insurance check. Nothing like some
inexpensive piece of mind that you can trust."

"Your frame slider worked wonderfully! There were no damages to my fairing at all!"

"Ya, was taking a left hand downhill loop turn this weekend at Mountain View in Arkansas and
my front slid on gravel a little then got traction again and threw my bike and I to the right. The
slider took a hard hit and worked beautifully."

"So my brother in-law put the B-King sliders I purchased from you into use when a coyote ran
in front of him at about 60mph. I can tell you that they did save him some money in damages. I
was VERY impressed with how much the rear spool slider saved. The damage was under
$500, and if the sliders were not there, I think the bike would be totalled."

" Just wanted let you guys know....your frame sliders on my girlfriend's bike, saved it from
major damage when the bike hit the wall at the exit of T6 at Nashville SuperSpeedway during
the STT "night" trackday on Aug. 2nd.  She bought replacement sliders from you a few weeks
ago and I've got them installed again.  Now I'm buying some for my 600RR streetbike."

"I am writing to describe how well OES sliders worked for me. I ride a
Suzuki B-King and low sided at 40 mph or so. The left slider wore down
about an inch but otherwise was intact. No damage was sustained to the
side of the bike except for the nob sticking out from the shifter. The
bike must have slid at least 75 yards. I was able to ride the bike
and finish my trip, which was about 400 miles.
Thanks OES!"
(Customer reviews below pictures)