06-09 R6 Wheel Installation Tool Instructions

In the kit you will find two pieces: The smaller piece fits in the end of the rear axle.

* The small piece can be installed with the axle in place. Simply hold it in place and strike with a hammer until
it is driven fully into position.

* A bent axle or swingarm or axle adjusters mis-aligned will cause binding when attempting to insert the axle

* Grease the axle lightly before inserting

* Spread the rear brake pads apart with a flat screwdriver

* The next time a rear wheel removal is performed, the other larger piece can be used in this way:

1. With the wheel still off, install the rear brake caliper/carrier in its position.

2. Insert the tool through the swingarm and caliper carrier. This will hold the caliper in place while the wheel
is being installed.

3. Confirm that the rear brake pads are spread out far enough for the brake disc to fit into the caliper

4. Put the wheel into position and install the chain onto the rear sprocket.

5. Insert the axle through the left side of the swingarm and wheel. Push the axle all the way through until the
tool is pushed out of position.

6. Put the washer and rear axle nut on the axle and tighten.

Any questions or problems should be addressed by
contacting us