06-12 Yamaha FJR1300 Frame Slider Installation Instructions

1. Start on the left side of the bike (do not loosen both sides at once) by removing the engine mount screw (10mm
hex/Allen screw) circled in the illustration(B).
2. The long slider goes on the left side. Lightly lubricate the supplied screw and install the frame slider.
3. If using a torque wrench, tighten screw to 35 lb/ft.
4. Make sure the left side is tight before starting on the right side.
5. For the right side, use the same procedure- remove the engine mount screw circled in the illustration (A) and
install the other frame slider in this position.

If one slider is damaged in a crash or drop, please visit our website or contact us to order just the side you need.

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